Why I don’t believe screen time is the worst thing ever

Oh boy! Touching sensitive subjects again! I am so tired of hearing how bad technology is for kids. They shouldn’t watch tv or cartoons before...

Kids will be what they are taught

I believe this is a subject that I need to talk about. We should all talk about this so that phrases like “boys will...


Deep-Fried Plantains

Today was one of those days...Woke up early, the weather was rainy, my son was upset. It took forever to get him out of...

Brownie cake with a twist

Hello! Quick post here to tell about a little twist I made in a recipe. You guys remember the cake recipe I wrote in my last...

Lemon-brownie mini-cakes


Fun Fast Halloween patterns

If you need some Fun Fast last minute Halloween decoration, try these easy patterns I made. The bats I used at a Halloween party a...

Rattling snake

I am addicted to Pinterest. I have a lot of boards and pins saved. Recipes, DIY projects, motivational quotes, everything. I love creating. And...

Cinnamon ornaments

Plastic bottlecaps craft


Today I made Taiyaki in a waffle maker

I love Japanese culture. I love anime. Some anime have lots of food in them and I really want to try if not all,...

2018 – a year of change

No, this is not some horoscope or astrology article. Rest assured, I will not be talking about Jupiter and eclipses in Aquarius or Leo. 2018...

Happy Thirty

Not my cup of tea



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