Quick post here to tell about a little twist I made in a recipe. You guys remember the cake recipe I wrote in my last recipe post? Yeah, me too!

So, I did that cake again, with a twist. My facebook and instagram were swamped with videos of poke cakes. But I’m a mom, and I don’t have the time to make complicate batters. So I made my simple wonder cake batter, baked it and after I let it settle, what do you think I did?

That’s right! I poked holes in it!

I spread a thin layer of homemade sour cherry jam, and I made a simple icing from confectioners sugar, cocoa, and milk. I just put more milk, to make it more liquid and I poured it over the cake.

I cut the cake and put a spoon of icecream on top, but honestly, you can put anything on it, and served it.

First time I made this (I did this combo twice this week) we had guests over, and I was, once again, the hero of the day.

Simple, easy to make, guaranteed success.

Let me know if you tried it, and how it went!

photo by yours truly

PS: No fancy-schmancy photos this time, because… motherhood. It’s actually a miracle I managed to write this post here since I am trying to write one with my take on crêpe for a month.


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