I have tried to write this article for almost a week. Last Sunday my son turned two years old. He is an adorable toddler and it’s getting impossible to still think of him as a baby.

An I wanted to write about how amazing these two years have been, and, though they were amazing, just saying that, does not quite cover it.

So, tonight, after my sweet toddler decided the potty was not good enough and chose to poop (yes, I said poop; I’m gonna do it again, just keep reading) almost in the middle of the living room, it hit.

These two years were exactly like Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean. Remember those, right?

Some moments were kisses flavored, and some were poop flavored. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Of course, not everything is baby powder and giggles. Some moments are hard (especially since we make everything harder in our crazy mom brains). But those moments are the ones that we tell, again and again, laughing until we are in tears. In the end, this is exactly how life is. A lottery. A jelly bean flavor. You’re not always gonna get the good one. But the hard moments make you appreciate the good ones.

And who doesn’t like an evening cuddle with a baby smelling of baby shampoo and baby oil, after a long day of tears, potty accidents (we have a chair shaped potty, with a removable part, and sometimes, when David got up, he made a puddle around him; let’s face it, it’s hard not to laugh).

The point is time flies. It goes by so fast, and we forget to enjoy the little things. We are so stressed and we worry so much, and we forget to laugh in some hard moments.  

We didn’t have a huge birthday party for him. Just his godfathers, my parents, and a few close friends. I baked a cake and we had candles in train shaped bases (he wanted to play with them so bad) and he received a lot of toys, and books. The look on his face when he unwrapped the gifts, and discovered cars and interesting things, that was priceless. Nothing can beat that.

I wish I could’ve kept him smaller just a little while longer, to hold him in my arms while he sleeps so peacefully. But growing up is amazing, is a big adventure and he is ready for it. I have to be too, with all my fears.

photo by yours truly

PS: We are now under siege. Of cars… Everywhere we look, we see cars…

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