One of my biggest fears, as a mother, is that I am failing him. That I am doing something wrong, that I am somehow causing him distress.

And I ask myself and stress daily about this.

And then there are moments…Here’s one of them:

A few weeks ago, in a morning, we woke up and I prepared David his milk cereal and left him in the living room, at his table eating. I left the kitchen door opened and went to the bedroom to wake up my husband. As we were laying in bed talking, I hear the dishwasher door and rack. It was full of clean dishes. I jumped and found David closing the door.

Everything was ok. I gave him the cloth to wipe the table and I was searching like a crazy person, everywhere in the house, the bowl and spoon. After minutes of searching, I finally opened up the dishwasher, and there they were, on the bottom rack, the spoon in the basket, the bowl next to it. I literally started crying and just couldn’t believe it.

This was not something I have taught him to do or insisted on him doing. He’s two years old… He wants to help, he wants to be involved in everything and I let him. I find small tasks for him, that he can do, and encourage him to do it.

So… I must be doing something right, right?


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