Oh boy! Touchy subject, right?

I am just so tired of people calling me lucky because I have a child who eats, sleeps all night, and doesn’t fuss much (he has his moments, like we all have our moments, but still). Does anybody think that we might have something to do with that? That we made a schedule and kept it and he grew like this with our guidance?

Oh hell no! We are just lucky!

Let’s start this by acknowledging that every child is different and every parent is different. I am not here to preach, because what we did, might not work for you, or might be just what you needed to read.

Solid food.

As every first time mom, I was terrified about this stage in my child’s growth. As the 6 month age was closing in, I started to stress about what am I going to do, will I be able to manage the situations.

Of course I had the theory and I knew what I had to do, but it’s different when you are actually facing it.

So I turned on the internet, freaked myself out, because oh my god! there are some weird stuff out there… I even saw a chart that went like “first day you give the child two teaspoons of pureed parsnip; the second day, four teaspoons, and so on until you reach 10 teaspoons; after this, you also put carrot in the puree, and start over with two teaspoons”. In my mind I was screaming: Who would eat that?!?!

So, I gave up on internet. Talked with our doctor, and she told me to relax, and not make a huge stress out of it. She gave me a small list with guidelines on what meals I could make him, and sent us our way.

We did not wait for the 6 month day. We started a few days earlier, because it was St Nicholas, and in our culture, St Nicholas brings fruits and sweets. So I went to the store, all happy and excited, and bought him biscuits, bananas and oranges.

And so it began.

Of course, the first time he spit the banana, and the orange juice. He only took a sip out of it. But I didn’t force him, and tried again the next day, when we were successful. And we continued, adding something new every few days. And we were always successful. At first he would only eat a few teaspoons, then cry for milk, but soon he started finishing the small portions I would give him.

He loves eating. And he eats fruits, vegetables, everything I give him.

The only thing we had problems with, was formula milk. So I switched it to almond milk for making him rice or oats with milk. Never had problems since. And around 18 months we switched to regular cow milk.

The thing that I always do is taste the food I am cooking for him and ask myself: Do I like it? Would I eat it? If the answer is yes, then I go on and give it to him.

Sounds easy, right? Well, it is, but I was also a bit lucky because we had no problems with allergies. And he likes to eat.

You will probably say: “yeah, right! you were lucky with a child that likes to eat!”

It’s fine. I am not excluding that possibility.

But my point is, try not to be absurd. And taste the food! No one would eat pureed parsnip!

Your mother intuition is your best weapon!

Let me give you some examples that I started cooking for David when he was 6 months:

  • Greek yogurt with fruits (apple, cherries, sour cherries – all from compote)
  • Cream soup with yogurt
  • Pureed potatoes with cheese
  • Cooked oats with apple and ginger
  • Greek yogurt with banana and cinnamon (later I added oats too; he still loves this one)

This was our journey. He gradually reduced the breastfeeding (apparently solids were more interesting than milk), and at 9 months he was only eating solid food.

I hope everyone has a smooth journey, but if it’s bumpy, hang in there! You are doing great, and things will get better!

photo source pixabay.com

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