Today was one of those days…Woke up early, the weather was rainy, my son was upset. It took forever to get him out of the house, to go shopping. We had to buy diapers and I wanted bananas. Since the arrival of my new cookbook yesterday, I’ve been dying to try something out.

After we finally got out of the house and bought the stuff, rain was falling in big drops. So here I was, backpack with stuff on the back, a bag of more stuff on my arm, umbrella in one hand, kid in the other. I think I looked funny. David was not very cooperative, might I add, but he was curious about the rain. So when we reached our street, where not many cars pass, I gave up on the umbrella and let him play. It was his first time and he was excited, fascinated and happy. At this point, he didn’t want to go home. We ended up staying for about half an hour, and he was soaking wet from jumping in puddles and running and all that.

So we eventually got home, and I had to give him a bath, lunch was closing in and I had nothing prepared, and I was tired. It was almost 1 pm.

I took a deep breath and took out my secret weapon: the omelet. With this, everything got on track.

All this time, my hands were itching for the awesome cookbook. It sat on my desk, winking at me from time to time.

So what better way to chase away the tiredness than with a desert?

I am soooo excited about this. Can you tell?

I had picked this recipe because it’s a desert and we love deserts. Also, it looked like the fastest thing I could do, so that was a major plus.

My husband accused me of not leveling up accordingly since it said it’s an expert level recipe and this was my first recipe from this book.

Hey, I may not have gone to cooking school, but I make one mean omurice! And cheesecake!

It really did took me about 15 minutes to make this and it really is delicious. A little too sweet (next time I might try adding less honey), but it makes one hell of a topping for vanilla ice cream (yes, I had to take another trip to the store; luckily the rain stopped). Expert level or not, it was really easy to make. Frying the bananas was a race since they were supposed to be golden, not brown.

Yeah, I’m still tired, but now I have a huge smile on my face. I’m gonna try leveling up accordingly from now on. Although, this is exactly how I actually play WoW. I always get sidetracked from the task at hand. Too many interesting things to do/discover/enjoy. So I’m not promising I’m gonna stick to the appropriate skill level.

With this article I’m launching a new category on the blog: “WoW – cooking my way through The Official Cookbook”. Here I will post little stories, like this one, about cooking from this book. I don’t have a well-defined plan. We’ll see where this goes.

Now I’m off. I’ve got some leveling up to do, and soon enough David is gonna wake up.

photos by yours truly

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