A few weeks ago, my son was playing with his building bricks. He has two sets, and both have pieces with wheels, for building trains and a truck. He kept trying to bind the two sets together and I kept telling him that it won’t work because the pieces are from different sets. He tried for a bit and guess what? He managed to find a way so that he had a long chain of bricks with wheels.

I admit I was shocked. I would never have thought about putting them like that. About finding a way to make it work.

Well, he did.

And made me think about how we tell our kids that some things are not doable, without even thinking of what we are saying. And I can’t help but wonder how far does it go?

I consider myself as being a very open-minded person. And I don’t dismiss something just because it’s different. Or someone.

So, why would I tell my son that because the pieces are from different sets, they don’t mix?

I still haven’t figured this out.

But he did open my eyes to the importance of what we tell our children and how resourceful they are.

photo by yours truly

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