Yes! Let’s address this! I know it’s a very touchy subject.

This is a subject that concerns me. We recently went to the seaside and I was bombarded with articles of children getting lost on the beach. Children left unattended in the waves. And other situations. And a few days ago we went to a mall, and a woman was screaming and being very hysterical because she lost her child.

I get it, we are all tired, we are all stressed and constantly worried about how to raise them the best we can.

What I don’t get, is how, on earth, can you lose your child?!?!

I mean, I have a two year old. He wants to be independent, he’s curious, he’s extremely energetic. But one of us (me or my husband) is constantly holding his hand, if we are on the street, in a crowd, in a place where he might run off somewhere because he saw something interesting for him. And if it’s safe to not hold his hand, one of us is constantly watching him.

This seems normal to us. Something that is absolutely mandatory to do. We also talk with our child while walking, on the street, and we explain to him that he must not run from us.

Yes, sometimes it doesn’t go that smoothly. Sometimes he just wants to have things go his way, and he wants to be independent. But we stick to what we always do and he understands, at one point, and he stops pulling his hand.

We went to the seaside, we go shopping with him, we walk around the city. Everything goes well.

Looking at how we do it and the responses we get from our child, and the results, I truly believe this is something that can be done.

Children getting lost can be prevented.

In some circumstances, this can save their life! So why not invest in preventing. It also saves your sanity.

Of course, I am talking here about toddlers. Children that don’t speak too much yet, that still need constant supervision and care. I do believe things change around 6-7 years old (or earlier; I don’t know yet), when the child has a different understanding of the surroundings and rules. We’ll talk about that later on when I will have the experience with that age.

But for now, prevent the difficult, scary and dangerous situations, that can be prevented and stay safe, stay sane!

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