I have been collecting these for two years. I asked my mom and my friends to collect them as well. And I’ve gathered quite a number (never counted). But I had seen a pic on Pinterest and I was dying to make one of those for myself.

Of course with Having a child, and working and everything, this had to wait. A lot.

But a few days ago, in the afternoon, when both my son and my husband were sleeping, I cleaned my desk and thought about how good it would look on my very clean desk.

I started by getting all the bottlecaps and arranging a pattern. I wanted to make the one with Coca-Cola caps since the beginning. After I had the pattern ready (I changed the big one half-way through) I got the glue gun and started gluing. It’s actually one of the easiest crafts I made and I am gonna make some more as soon as I buy more glue.

As usual, photos at the end. I’ll show you how many more caps I still have.

Special thanks to everyone that helped gather them.

photos by yours truly

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