I am addicted to Pinterest. I have a lot of boards and pins saved. Recipes, DIY projects, motivational quotes, everything. I love creating. And I am looking forward to crafting things with my son.

While I was looking for ideas on how to reuse plastic bottle caps, I found the photo of this rattling snake. And I thought it was awesome. And also, it was something I could do with my son.

Ok, so, you need letcon soldering iron for making holes in the caps (you could use a screwdriver and heat it in fire, but the letcon seemed like a safer option), a lot of bottle caps, as many as you want, two plastic eggs from Kinder surprise eggs, a thread (I replaced it with rope a few days later, after it broke), some red ribbon for making a tongue, and funny eyes or a marker for drawing eyes.

After I made holes in all caps, I wrapped the end of the thread with some duct tape, to make it easier to thread the caps and showed David what to do. He was fascinated and he loved doing that.

After the bottle caps are on the thread, put the plastic eggs on each end and secure the thread. I tried making a knot, but it was still too loose, so I caught the thread in the overlapping part of the eggs.

I stuck the eyes and made a tiny hole for the red ribbon tongue. I cut it long, to make it funny. It’s not a very serious craft.

It was really fun.

For a few days, David took the snake with him everywhere, even bathing. And he kept sleeping with it until two days ago (we made this a few weeks ago).

Images below, as usual.

photos by yours truly

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