No, this is not some horoscope or astrology article. Rest assured, I will not be talking about Jupiter and eclipses in Aquarius or Leo.

2018 was a year of change for me. A lot of things happened, many not that visible. I have spent a lot of time organizing my thoughts and my feelings, got to the bottom of some issues I had or still have, and I worked and still am working, to solve them.

This little page is one year old, already. I may not have achieved what I wanted by the end of this first year of blogging, but I am proud of what I accomplished. I cooked more new recipes, I crafted more (I have a few more articles waiting to be written), and I have written more. I managed to write about some of my experiences as a mom, and some of my thoughts.

I also started my own little window garden. I planted basil, and rosemary, and thyme, and got a bunch of succulents and they are so pretty (if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen them). I also have two plants I saved and right now they are blooming for the first time in years (I keep checking them every day and the buds are still not open). This is something I kept postponing for a very long time. But I started now and it’s amazing, watching them grow. And nothing compares to fresh basil on pasta dishes (and other dishes). Yummy!

I met new people and got more creative. I also went back to writing fantasy stories and this is something that fills me with so much joy.

Diving into the World of Warcraft universe (a new thing I started this year) helped me relax and explore a new world. That’s lots of fun.

I am also extremely grateful for the wonderful family I have. My husband supports me so much on all these adventures and journeys. I can not thank him enough. And our son is constantly challenging me. And he is adorable. I was asked, at one point, when do I recharge, and how can I do all that I do, and not break down. My answer was: “my family”. The moments when the three of us play, and just spend time together, fill me with happiness and gives me all the energy I need to go through the tough parts.

So 2018 was a big and full year. In a good way.

I am very excited to see what the future holds.

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I am a wife, a mother, a dreamer, a collector of shiny things. I have embarked on this journey to share with you all the things I do, the problems we face and how we solve them, in the hope that our stories will help some of you. I can't promise the world, but we will definitely have fun here!


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