Oh boy! Touching sensitive subjects again!

I am so tired of hearing how bad technology is for kids. They shouldn’t watch tv or cartoons before 2 years old, they shouldn’t even touch anything that has a screen. It’s like the devil and the parents that allow their children screen time are these horrible monsters. Did anyone actually say these things out loud to realize how absurd they are?

This is the new world. We can’t make children grow up the way we did. It’s impossible. They have different possibilities, different games, different everything. Parenting trends have changed. We have more information than our parents had. So we can’t expect them to grow in the same way.

The problem, in my opinion, is replacing the parent with a piece of technology. That is something both sad and wrong. When you give your child a tablet or you seat him in front of the tv and you just leave him alone, that is not ok.

My son watches animated movies and music videos since he was 6 months old (he’s 2 and a half years old now). We just put them on the tv and we play. Yes, I do sometimes leave him alone, for a couple of minutes, to go to the bathroom or the kitchen. But he doesn’t spend all day in front of the screen. We go outside, we play, we draw, we even cook. The tv is just in the background. A few days ago was the first time he actually sat and watched an entire movie. I was so surprised.

There are also a lot of educational apps for tablets. Children can learn the letters, can learn words and a lot of other things. These can be really helpful. Of course, going old school with picture cards and all that has its charm, but I don’t believe it’s wrong using a tablet if that is what you (or your child) prefer.

After all, this is the new generation. They have more possibilities than we had and it is our job to teach them about them. Not to restrict them.

You may argue that the internet is full of dangerous or inappropriate things. Well, I never said anything about the internet, now, have I. You can very well disable the internet and just let the child play on the apps, with your supervision, of course.

I am not saying you should let the child play all day long on a tablet. But I don’t think is alright to keep the child from ever touching the tablet.

I am just tired of hearing how bad the screen time is, but never actually received a solid argument as to why is it that bad.

Technology is good. And it’s the future.

Parents should be more involved in their children’s lives, regardless of the technology around them. Why don’t we start focusing on and promoting this instead?

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